Maximise UK Ltd.


David Haywood – Founder Maximise (UK) Ltd - 2009

Since 1988 I have helped some of the UK’s biggest retailers identify profitable new retail locations. My specialist experience has been gained from leading store evaluation departments within a variety of retail sectors.  The principles behind Maximise (UK) Ltd have been founded on this vast experience with the objective of helping you optimise your retail estate.

Maximise (UK) Ltd is different

Store location has traditionally been based on and led by property availability, rather than what is best for the retailer. Substantial resource is used to evaluate new opportunities only to find the location has limited sales potential. Maximise (UK) Ltd evolved from the scenario of having to evaluate numerous property proposals with the majority never passing board approval.  This is a typical pattern for retailers trying to increase store numbers and begs the question, there must be a better way?

The Maximise approach is different because it focuses on catchment potential rather than property. Therefore, by strategically targeting catchments with the required location criteria you significantly increase the likelihood of board approval for new store locations.

Maximise (UK) Ltd – The new alternative for targeting prime retail locations


David Haywood

Roger Parish
IT Consultant

Samantha Hague-Barrett
Data Analyst